I’m sure you’ve heard of it – Mammoth Lakes, home to the remarkable Mammoth Mountain, one of the top vacation destinations for snowboarders and ski goers alike. And since you have heard of it – because I’m positive that you have – you understand the necessity of picking the perfect luxury rental Mammoth is sure to offer you. The quest to find the perfect place to rent a home in Mammoth, just like the quest to find a perfect place anywhere, is a tedious one, and that’s why in 2006 Millie Freed, along with her husband Stuart, purchased a cozy little condo in Mammoth Lakes, CA with the intention of renting it out to vacationing tourists. Freed’s one bedroom plus loft quickly became popular amongst the visitors far and wide, however, the management company with which Freed signed up for did not meet up to managerial expectations and soon left a bad taste in her mouth.

Unsatisfied with the low quality of management, lack of communication, and unclaimed damages to their home, Freed was soon sparked by the insane idea to manage her condo personally. I mean, if you want something done correctly might as well do it yourself, right?  And everyone knows there’s nothing more dangerous than a woman with a plan – and that’s what Freed was. In 2008 Freed constructed a rental website for her 1 bedroom plus loft in Mammoth Lakes, CA the headline Mammoth Rental by Owner emblazoned across the top of the web page the notion of providing near-perfect accommodations in Mammoth the driving point for her small, independently owned business.

Then the idea of managing her own condo shortly blossomed into something that could only be described as colossal. Multiple homeowners searching for vacation rental companies began to reach out to Freed, inquiring more information about the quality of her company and the developmental steps she would take in order to rectify situations in the event that they do arise.

Exceeding all personal expectations, Millie Freed became the sole manager of over 100+ five-star premier lodging rentals in Mammoth, ranking each of these individually owned rentals to a list composed of the best places to stay in Mammoth. Incorporating her own rental software, Freed’s company not only provides a quality and luxurious vacation to each individual renter but gives every homeowner the freedom of supervising their individual rates along with the arrival and departure date of each guest for every one of their reservations in Mammoth Lakes. At Mammoth Rental by Owner, Freed approaches every condo with the care and appreciation as if it were her own. With the help of her on-site employees, she oversees the inspection of every single property, relaying valuable information to the homeowner – a simple act that assures the guests that what they see on the website is what they get.

It is this administered care and consideration that has launched Mammoth Rental by Owner into a spot on one of the top ten places to stay in Mammoth. Renting a place in Mammoth Lakes has never been easier.

The idea of Mammoth Rental by Owner surpassed the small mountain town and expanded all across California – to Malibu and Oceanside, and did eventually reached Baltimore, where Freed is in the process of managing over 80 properties on that part of the United States alone. Freed’s desire to meet her own management expectations grew into a business she had no idea she would thrive the way it did. Visiting Mammoth is only half the fun when you’re ending your day in a luxury vacation rental, or settled into our perfect Village rental.

With a condo for rent in every corner of the world, Mammoth Rental by Owner has now shed its skin and evolved into Nomadness Rentals, where you can experience the beauty of a five-star mammoth rental, or fly across the country to Baltimore. Assuming a different name but not a different identity, Nomadness Rentals still offers the same quality and care – just this time, you have the choice of different areas around the world. So come book with Nomadness Rentals today where the Mammoth Rental by Owner legend continues.